Welcome to our Gallery! 

The pots you see are a reflection of what and who we are.  They are born out of a need for pottery and created out of a love of pottery.  Most times they are an individual, unique pieces because that's how we make them, one piece at a time.  We are not saying there are no  similarities, but no two are exact.  Enjoy your browse through our Gallery as much as we enjoyed making the pieces to be placed in here.

As you are browsing, look closely, you may see the mug you are drinking from, the bowl you eat your ice-cream from, or the casserole you make dinner in.  These are pictures of pieces about to be sold or already sold.  If you see something you like, we will make another especially for you. Leave us a note in the GUESTBOOK, contact us on Facebook, email us, or just call.  We are always glad to hear from you.


Miller's Pond Pottery