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I hope you have enjoyed my site.  All of the pottery you have seen here are examples of what I do.
If you have seen something you liked, let me know....I will be happy to make another.  Of course, it will not be exact.
I pride myself in my individualistic pieces, they will function the same and look similar, but no one will have the same one you do. 

If you would like, please leave your information and a comment below.  I enjoy hearing about what you think of my pottery and the type of pottery that you enjoy.

If you would like to visit me at the Clay Center of St. Petersburg studio, just put that in the comments box and let me know.
I can be there most days...just let me know!  I am always anxious to meet new friends and see my old ones.


Miller's Pond Pottery


Miller's Pond Pottery

the Clay Center of St Petersburg