What's Going On with Miller's Pond Pottery?


Diane and Tim have relocated back to the Tampa Bay area, in Florida and would like to thank everyone that has supported and loved us.  To all of you that have been there,  guided, and showed us how to be part of the Harmony Community in the CSRA.....


Miller's Pond was and still is a piece of heaven we will not forget.  Diane has completely retired from the Pottery business.  Tim, on the other hand has found a spot in

St. Petersburg.  (pictures to follow, soon)

It is called:

The Clay Centerof St. Petersburg

and is located at:

2010 1st. Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL   33712


Diane and Tim met and married and lived in Redington Beach, Florida before Tim's retirement in 2006 and after his retirement, moved to Johnston, SC. They went looking for southern hospitality and serenity and found Harmony, as they lived in the "Old Harmony" area of Edgefield County, in South Carolina.  With an eight acre pond on72 acres as a backdrop, Diane, Tim, their dogs and cat surrounded themselves with a richness of life unsurpassed and eventually, that subject matter found it's way into the pieces they created.  There was a healing nature to Miller's Pond and each day they offered a simple prayer, "Thank-you for this Earth!'  Now, they have found their way back into Tampa Bay, where Tim hopes to continue the tradition of quality Miller's Pond Pottery was known for.


Miller's Pond Pottery