Miller's Pond Pottery

Welcome to our Website. 

While you are browsing our pages, we sincerely hope you will come to know us a little better.  We are what you see.  Originally, our idea was to make pots for us to use and to give as gifts, that grew into a business we both love and enjoy. The ideas for the pot designs are born because of our needs and wants.  Whether in the sitting room, the dining room, or the kitchen, if we need one or want one, we make one. 

The Miller's Pond Potters are a perfect match, each piece is handmade by Diane or Tim.  He considers himself a country potter of years past, creating what is needed to make a household functional.  She, on the other hand, creates what makes a household a home. The clay is first thrown on a potter's wheel by Tim or hand shaped by Diane from a slab.  Then, trimmed and fired, then glazed and  fired again, the idea that was born from needs and wants is now a reality.

We take great pride of our singleness of purpose, to create a piece of art that is not only functional for everyday use, but also beautiful to view.  Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, they are individually priced depending on intricacy, size, and adornments.  We hope you will enjoy your pieces of pottery as much as we enjoyed making them.

  • Taking Chances2:24
  • Santa Barbara Beach4:11
  • My Girl Sunday4:39
  • Journey To You5:55
  • 2:59
  • Jazz Lambada6:02
  • Anything and Everything4:50
  • Jazz Guitar4:53
  • Endless Summer5:55
  • First Love4:57
  • Phat City5:16
  • Undercovers5:01

Functionality and Beauty Together